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History Abounds in Grantham NH


The Grantham Historical Society, established in 1992, is in charge of archiving the history of Grantham NH, and there is an abundance of history to be discovered about a town that just Grantham NH Mapcelebrated 250 years. 

The Grantham Historical Society publishes quarterly newsletters to inform Grantham NH residents and others interested of new information found by GHS and stories about the town. Their most recent newsletter contains an article about a search for the gravesites of the original settlers of the town. The names of 25 men are recorded in A History of Cheshire and Sullivan Counties, written by Lorenzo Dunbar, as the first settlers to come to western Grantham. (Pat Andrews, Grantham Historical Society Newsletter, Winter 2011-2012 Newsletter)

Though the town has grown considerably since its beginnings in 1761, especially since the addition of the interstate, Grantham NH remains a quaint New England town with a consistent sense of community. Nestled in the Sugar River Valley with beautiful views of the Green Mountains, Grantham NH boasts easy access to I-89 and the rest of the Upper Valley and outdoor recreational opportunities year-round. 

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Landmark En Route to Lake Sunapee


Newbury NH landmarkIf you're coming up to Lake Sunapee or Mt. Sunapee from the, you'll come across a very unique landmark in Newbury NH. Off Route 103, there stands a large rock with the words "Chicken Farmer I Still Love You" painted in white. Every couple of years, someone writes an article about this rock trying to make a new claim to it's origins. (View the recently published Valley News Article: A Love Story, A Mystery) People have painted over it, tried to have it removed, but it will always be a landmark in Newbury NH.

Look for it if you're coming up to Lake Sunapee or Mt. Sunapee from the south on Route 103 off I-89.

CG Shepherd Realty, LLC serving the Upper Valley and Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region's real estate buying and selling needs.

Image: Valley News

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