Quechee VT Hot Air Balloon, Craft & Music Festival 2019

Quechee Balloon FestivalThe 40th Annual Quechee, VT Hot Air Balloon, Craft & Music Festival is happening this summer, June 14-16, 2019.

This fun-filled weekend offers activities, food, entertainment and more for the entire family. This is the longest running hot air balloon festival in New England!

You can experience the hot air balloons yourself with either tethered rides or ascension rides offered at specific times throughout the festival. The Ascension rides are currently sold out, but you can book your tethered balloon ride on the field during the festival. During a tethered hot air balloon ride, the balloon is held to the ground by ropes. You float up to 50 feet in the air to get a great sense of being in one of the balloons with the security of being attached to the ground. It's a wonderful experience for children, too!

Admission is good all weekend. So however long you stay or as often as you go throughout the three days, you only pay once. They even have a special price for Fathers on Father's Day! Here are the details on festival admission and parking.

See all the scheduled festival events and more details on the festival website.

Such a family friendly event, there's The Kid's Zone, which is a free area to bring your kids for additional entertainment for young ones.

So if you're in the Upper Valley / Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region this weekend, come enjoy a summer hallmark of this area at the Quechee Hot Air Balloon, Craft & Music Festival.

New Hampshire Real Estate Market Update: Q1 2019

Real estate is local. Knowing what's happening in your local real estate market, and talking to your local REALTOR® can help you with deciding on when to list your home for sale, or when may be a good time to buy. Here are some of the highlights from the New Hampshire real estate market in the first quarter of 2019.

Single Family Residential Sales

Grafton County saw 161 single family residential closings in the first quarter of 2019. That's down 16.6% from the first quarter of last year. Median sales price only dropped by 5.8% to $195,000. But the number days on the market decreased 10.1% to 116 days. That's what home sellers want, right? Fewer days on market.

Sullivan County showed improvement in their numbers in many areas during Q1 2019 compared to last year at the same time. Closings increased by 18.7% to 108. And median sales price increased by 7.2% to $163,450. Days on market was only up 7.4% to 117 days. In addition, the number of pending sales increased a dramatic 46.4% from Q1 2018 to 161 pending sales.

Over all the counties, the state of New Hampshire experienced a slight decrease to 2,702 single family residential closed sales (-2..8%) in Q1 2019 compared to the first quarter of last year. However, the median sales price for those properties increased 7.7% to $280,000. Also, single family residential pending sales increased 7.5% to 3,840 properties for the entire state of New Hampshire.

Condo Sales

Concerning condo sales in the first quarter of 2018, both Grafton County and Sullivan County saw a decrease in sales activity compared to the first quarter for 2018. Grafton County condo closed sales were down 14.1% to 67 and Sullivan County condo closed sales were down 25% to 6 total.

The entire state of New Hampshire saw also saw a decrease in condo closed sales (-10.6%) to 772 during the first quarter of 2019 compared to the first quarter of 2018. But, the median sales price increased 5.3% to $200,000 and pending condo sales increased by 3.7% to 1,116 compared to this time last year.

For more information about the real estate market in your community, please contact us at CG Shepherd Realty, LLC to speak to one of our qualified REALTORS®.

View the NH 2019 Q1 Report.

View the NH Monthly Indicators Report March 2019.

March 2019 Update:

"The Federal Reserve recently announced that no further interest rate hikes are planned for 2019. Given the fact that the federal funds rate has increased nine times over the past three years, this was welcome news for U.S. consumers, which carry an approximate average of $6,000 in revolving credit card debt per household. Fed actions also tend to affect mortgage rates, so the pause in rate hikes was also welcome news to the residential real estate industry." According to NHAR NH Monthly Indicators for March 2019 report. [link]

April 2019 Update:

In April, Grafton County experienced year-to-date (YTD) decrease in single family residential closed sales to 228 (-20.6%) compared to this time last year. However, Sullivan County is showing a significant increase in year-to date sales up 15.9% to 153 single family residential closed sales as of the end of April 2019. YTD days on market has slightly decreased for both Grafton and Sullivan counties, 118 and 108 days respectively.

View the NH Monthly Indicators Report April 2019.

(Information for this blog is based on the data provided by the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS)

Meet Shelbie Clukey, Realtor with CG Shepherd Realty, LLC

Shelbie Clukey Realtor Shepherd RealtyCG Shepherd Realty, LLC welcomes Shelbie Clukey, REALTOR® to our team. Shelbie has been working with Shepherd Realty for a couple years gaining knowledge of the real estate industry. Now she is a Licensed Realtor in New Hampshire and is ready to put her accumulated knowledge and local expertise to work for you!

Local Expertise

As a local Upper Valley resident born and raised in Plainfield, NH, Shelbie has extensive knowledge of the region. She knows what makes each Upper Valley town and village unique, and there are plenty of them.

One thing you’ll find in each town is a wonderful sense of community. Family-friendly community events like farmers markets, outdoor concerts, and seasonal fall and winter festivals all encourage residents to gather together regularly.

“I love the community in the Upper Valley and wouldn’t want to live or work anywhere else.”

Whether you’re looking for a quiet country setting or an in-town location close to great restaurants and shopping, you can count on Shelbie to help you find the perfect community for you here in the Dartmouth - Lake Sunapee Region!

Your Home Buying Guide

Not only can Shelbie help you find the right community, but also the right home home for you. That’s part of why she chose to become a Realtor, to make your dream home a reality.

“Helping people find the home of their dreams is so rewarding.”

This is not always an easy task, and the process of buying a home can be overwhelming at times. But Shelbie Clukey is committed to guiding you through each stage of the journey.

“When clients work with me, they should expect someone who is going to be there for them every step of the way.”

With Shelbie as your home buying guide, you’ll have a supportive and knowledgeable professional by your side from that first home showing to holding the keys in your hand.

If you’re looking for your dream home in the Upper Valley, call Shelbie Clukey at 603-448-3278 x106 today!


New Homeowner Checklist: 4 Ways to Care for Your New Home

4 Ways to Care for Your New Home

Congratulations on being a new homeowner! In all the excitement, and maybe relief, of making it through the real estate closing, it can be easy to think “Now what?” after you're handed those keys. To limit some of the overwhelm of all you have to do next, here is a simple new homeowner checklist to get you started with 4 ways to care for your new home.


- If something was found in the home inspection, get it fixed! Don’t wait on this and let small problems become bigger problems. If you need to hire a professional and are new to the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region, ask your local Realtor® at CG Shepherd Realty, LLC for a list of recommendations.

- Save that list of local professionals and add to it. Even if you prefer to DIY, sometimes you need to call in a professional.


- Know how and where to shut off the outdoor propane or oil supply and any indoor appliances just in case a problem occurs.

- Find where all the water valves are located inside your home. Often, you can find these under your sinks and behind your toilets. Small leaks can become gushers, and you don’t want to be scrambling to find the turn off valve when you have water spraying all over your bathroom. This is one of those new homeowner mistakes that can easily be avoided.

- Locate and label breaker box. Knowledge is power...literally.


- Check & clean gutters. Check the gutters of your home for debris and clean out any that you find. Clogged gutters can prevent proper drainage of the water runoff from your roof and leave standing water, which could cause damage over time.

- Do a basic interior cleaning. Unless you know your new home was recently thoroughly cleaned, it’s good to do a basic cleaning before you setup and organize all your belongings. Especially make sure the kitchen is clean before loading it up with all your dinnerware and pantry items.


- Try your house keys in all exterior doors to your home and garage to make sure they work and make the appropriate number of copies you will need.

- Test your detectors. Test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Also, make sure there are enough detectors for your whole house. Go ahead and replace the batteries in them so you know they’re fresh. CG Shepherd Realty, LLC gives out free 9 volt batteries twice a year at the fall back and spring forward time changes for this purpose.

- Create an emergency exit plan. We all hope we will never have to use something like this, but it is far better to be prepared than panicked if there is an emergency. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has great instructions and tips for both creating and practicing your fire escape plan including a downloadable grid for drawing your plan. 

- Make a list of local Emergency Service Numbers and keep it somewhere handy, like your refrigerator.

These 4 ways to care for your new home are just the beginning of your journey as new homeowners. Take it one step at a time, and enjoy meeting your neighbors, getting involved in your community, and decorating your home any way you want!

Are you new to the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region? Stop by CG Shepherd Realty, LLC for a list of community phone numbers and school schedules.

The Benefits of Having a Real Estate Buyer's Agent

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases of your life. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a real estate veteran, finding a real estate Buyer's Agent to walk you through the process offers huge benefits.

A Buyer's Agent is there to represent your best interest throughout the entire home buying process, from your first showing to the closing table. There is no replacement for having one trusted professional as your own personal guide.

Here are just some of the benefits of having a home Buyer's Agent.

Benefits of having a Real Estate Buyer's Agent

You can work with one person who…

  • Knows exactly what you're looking for in a property
  • Searches for properties for you
  • Schedules showings and guides you through them
  • Recommends an asking price
  • Negotiates contracts on your behalf
  • Reviews contractual documents and paperwork with you
  • And much more!

Think about what a difference this can make...

Do you want to view 10 different homes?

Instead of having to call each listing agent to set-up an appointment yourself, a Buyer's Agent will make all the calls for you. Plus, he or she is an expert at scheduling a series of home showings to make the best use of everyone’s time. 

Does the mere mention of contingencies, addendums and overall legal paperwork make your head spin? 

A home Buyer’s Agent will give you clarity and confidence in your contract, helping you avoid confusion and buyer’s remorse.

Do you need to find a reputable mortgage broker or home inspector?

Your Buyer's Agent can refer you to several other local professionals you will need during home buying.

Ultimately, a real estate Buyer's Agent is one person who you trust to have your best interest in mind. He or she is a professional, an expert on the home buying process. Who better to work with for one of the largest purchases you'll make during your lifetime?

The home buying process can be complex, but a Buyer's Agent will help you through every step of it until you hold those keys in your hand.

Do you want the benefits of having a Buyer’s Agent?

Contact us at CG Shepherd Realty, LLC to speak with one of our licensed Realtors® who will represent your best interests as a real estate Buyer’s Agent.


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Home Buying 101: How to Get the Most Out of Home Showings (Part 2)

Home Showings part 2

Home showings are typically scheduled to range between 20-30 minutes long, depending on the size of the home. So how can you get the most out of that limited window of time inside each home? Here are some practical showing tips for home buyers to get the most out of home showings.

Take Notes!

Whether you’re going to see one house or six at a time, it’s important to take notes for you to reference later. With the limited amount of time you get inside each home it’s going to be difficult for you to remember all that you observe and have questions about. It will be much easier to recall later if you jot it down.

If you’re seeing multiple houses close together, taking notes will help you to distinguish between the different properties, which will make it much less confusing. It can also save everyone time from having to schedule additional showings of the same home simply because you can’t remember what you liked, or didn’t like.

Use All Your Senses & Ask Questions

Once you’re inside the home, now is the time to let your curiosity run wild. Ask questions when you have them. If your agent doesn’t know the answer immediately, he or she can make a note to find out later.

Remember to activate your senses. Don’t just use your eyes when you’re viewing a home. You are allowed to touch the floor, woodwork, cabinets, etc., but be sure to keep an eye on any children present.

Don’t forget about your sense of smell too. Does the home smell musty, smoky, or worse? That can tip you off to look for and ask about potential mildew, mold and such. Granted, sometimes a home has been vacant and closed up for some time, which can make it smell stale. Your agent can tell you that.

Picture Yourself There

Now it’s time to activate your imagination. Can you see yourself, your family, your belongings in this home? Consider where your large pieces of furniture could go. You may even want to have measurements on-hand of particularly large pieces to be sure they would fit in a given room.

Try to see beyond the possessions that are currently there. As a homeowner, there are numerous changes and upgrades you can do. After all, if you buy it, then it will be your home. So consider what would be an easy change, like painting the walls, and what may be more time-consuming and expensive, like tearing out a wall or building an addition.

Listen to Your Gut

If you walk into a home and immediately know it’s not the right one for you, then be honest and let your real estate agent know. Explain why you feel that way as best you can. It can give a clue to another home your agent could show you, or another one to cross off your list.

Plus, this could allow you to spend a little more time at a home you really do like. Depending on the scheduling of the showings, you can travel to the next home on your list immediately. If you find there’s a little time to kill, take the opportunity to look over your notes of what you’ve already seen and give some feedback to your Realtor.

Next Steps After Home Showings

This is where knowing the speed of the market comes into play. If you have time to make a decision and consider making an offer, then take time to go over your notes and look at the photos and information again.

Be honest with yourself, your partner, and your buyer agent to let them know what you liked and didn’t like about the homes you saw. Reference your notes. If you didn’t find the right fit today, maybe you need to reevaluate your search criteria. Or maybe you want to schedule a second showing of one or two homes you saw.

Scheduling multiple showings of the same property is okay. Just be considerate of the current resident if the home is occupied. Each time you want to go in, they have to go out, and stay out for a while. They may want to do some additional cleaning too, or have children and/or pets they have to keep occupied during that time. So keep in mind the time it takes for the resident, and even your realtor, to revisit a property.

Be prepared. Take notes. Process your next steps.

If you are beginning this phase of home buying and don’t have a buyer agent yet, it is worth considering. You can see how they are particularly helpful at this stage of the home buying process, but they are there to support you every step of the way. They are there to represent you and have your best interest in mind.

Contact us at CG Shepherd Realty, LLC to speak to our qualified REALTORS® about our buyer services.

Read How to Make the Most of Home Showings (Part 1) for more on taking your online home search offline.


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Home Buying 101: How to Get the Most Out of Home Showings

Home Buying 101 how to get the most out of home showings

So you've been looking at homes online for a while now, maybe even setup a saved search to email you properties that seem to be a good match. But now you're ready to take your online home buying search offline. The next step for most people in the home buying process is to schedule home showings to view properties in-person.

Home showings are not typically very long. Most are scheduled to range between 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the home. So how can you get the most out of that limited window of time? Here are some showing tips for home buyers to get the most out of showings.

Selecting What Homes to View

First, you need to decide what homes you actually want to view in-person. Home showings take time for you, your real estate agent, and the current resident of the home. So you need to narrow down your list of homes you want to see. Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Look online at property details and photos multiple times.
  2. Solidify your "must-haves". These are features of the home that are deal-breakers. You and/or your partner need to be clear on what those features are.
  3. Ask questions ahead of time. If you are wondering about some features of the property or have questions about information you don't see or don't understand on the MLS sheet, ask your real estate agent. Your Buyer Agent can get the answer to see if the home makes the cut to the must-see list.
  4. Ask your Realtor for additional recommendations. Your local realtor is a wealth of information and has likely been inside many of the homes that are for sale before. He or she may know of a property that just came on the market or can recommend another that maybe didn't come up in your initial search.

Caution: If You Can't Afford It, Don't Go See It!

When you're deciding what homes to see in-person, know your budget. You don't want to fall in love with a home you simply can't afford.

There are reasons for that listing price (square footage, great features, views, etc.) that warrant the price tag. If you see that and then see the homes that are truly within your budget, you'll likely compare them and be disappointed. It can also make it difficult to commit to the right home for you right now.

Yes, it can be disheartening to know you can't afford that dream home yet, but save yourself the heartache, stick with homes in your price range, and consider saving up for that dream home in the future.

The Logistics of Scheduling Home Showings

Some home buyers will call the listing agent of every home they want to see to schedule a showing. This is another instance where having a Buyer Agent is a great asset. One Buyer Agent can make all those calls for you and efficiently schedule a series of home showings.

An experienced real estate agent considers factors like allowing driving distance between properties, overlapping showing windows, and planning the best route that will be a great time saver for everyone involved. Your Realtor can also realistically recommend how many homes you can see in a given timeframe so you don't get overwhelmed.

Wouldn't it be helpful to have a professional walk you through each home, answer questions you have during the showing, and be a sounding board for comparing and contrasting homes afterward? Those are just some of the things a Buyer Agent can do for you.

Is There a Need for Speed?

Your final step of preparation is to know the pace of the current local real estate market. Again, your Realtor can answer this question. You can also ask other people you know who are currently looking or have recently bought or sold a home in the same area.

In a fast-paced market, if you don't make an offer today, someone else will tomorrow, or later that afternoon. In a moderate or slower-paced market, you have more time to process what you see and weigh your options before deciding whether or not to make an offer. Find this out ahead of time so you're prepared with the right mindset going into the showings.

If you're ready to take the next step in your home search in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region, contact us at CG Shepherd Realty, LLC to find a Buyer Agent who will help you schedule home showings and represent your best interests throughout the home buying process.

Read How to Get the Most Out of Home Showings (Part 2) for practical tips to optimize your time inside each home.


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4 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

4 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

In today's real estate market, it is more important than ever to make your home for sale as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Whether they are viewing photos online or personally walking through your home for a showing or open house, home buyers are looking at your home with a critical eye, comparing it to dozens of others on the market. To get your home sold, you must prepare your home to undergo this critique and come out on top.

We like to call the process "staging." Some home owners hire a professional home stager to bring in furniture and decor, but for many homes, it only requires some small cosmetic changes that you can easily do yourself.

Clear Out the Clutter:

How can home buyers see the best features of your home when they're distracted by clutter? Clutter comes in many forms: piles of papers, clothes strewn about, or even an overwhelming number of photos or tchotchkes on display. Whatever its form, clutter is not only a distraction, but also tends to make your home appear smaller because valuable space is taken up and taken over. Here are some tips for tackling clutter in your home to get it ready to sell.


Speaking of photos and figurines, consider how easy, or difficult, it is for a home buyer to walk into your home and see themselves living there. It's often hard enough to do with differing tastes in furniture and decor. So make it easier for them. Consider removing some of your personal items from view, such as family photos, sports memorabilia, or your doll collection. Then buyers can walk into your house envisioning how their own personal touches could make this their home instead of yours.

How you store your personalized items, and previously mentioned clutter, is also important. You don't want to crowd your closets or garage making your home's storage areas appear smaller or insufficient. Here are some great ideas for stashing away your stuff.

Clean Every Nook & Cranny:

The cobwebs in the corner and dust on the windowsills aren't a good representation of your home. Clean everything, even more than what you do in your normal routine. Really scrub the grout of your bathroom tile and dust off the baseboards throughout your home. Don't forget about your appliances too. Wipe off the splattered grease from your stovetop and fingerprints from your refrigerator. It's amazing what a thorough cleaning can do to make your home look its best.

Make Minor Repairs:

It's easy to put minor home repairs on a to-do list for later and then never get around to them. If you're preparing your home to sell, it's time you dust off your tool box and take care of these repairs. Perhaps you have a leaky faucet you've been meaning to fix or a broken piece of trim just waiting to be nailed back to the wall. Check the small things you use everyday and have probably grown accustomed to using as is, like that wiggly door knob or light fixtures with burnt out or missing light bulbs.

Completing these small repairs makes a world of difference to prospective home buyers. They won't be calculating the time, effort and money they would have to spend on all those repairs themselves. Plus, it gives your home a finished, well-maintained look.

If you're considering taking on larger home repairs, talk to your Realtor first. As a professional, your real estate agent can tell you what repairs are worth making yourself and what is better left to the home buyer.

Staging your home to sell takes some time and effort, but it can really pay off by helping your home sell faster. If you already have your home listed for sale, it's not too late! Complete these recommendations and ask your Realtor to take new photos so that your home will look its very best online...and in person.

If you are considering listing your home for sale, contact us at CG Shepherd Realty, LLC for an initial consultation, home valuation and more tips for preparing your home to sell.

Meet Christine Engert, Realtor with CG Shepherd Realty, LLC

Christine Engert Agent PhotoCG Shepherd Realty, LLC welcomes Christine Engert, REALTOR® to their team. Christine is a long-time local resident who wants to put her personal and professional real estate experiences to work for you!

Growing up in a family of custom home builders where home buying, building and renovating was a regular part of life, Christine has always loved houses and all the potential they hold for becoming places of rest and solace for people.

"A house can be personalized to become a home like nothing else can!"

Personal Experience & Local Knowledge

After many personal real estate experiences of her own, Christine began to dream of helping others find their place, their home. She is now a licensed REALTOR® in NH representing buyers and sellers in the Upper Valley and Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region.

Christine is detail oriented, energetic and personable. Her positive attitude and desire to help people find a home they love is a winning combination for her clients. In addition, she has a great perspective on the real estate process she's garnered from her own experiences.

"As an adult, I have been both a buyer and a seller on multiple occasions, which include both building and renovating. I understand the stresses, challenges and joys on both sides!"

She also knows the area very well. Christine grew up in the Lake Sunapee Region and has lived in the Upper Valley for 8 years.

A Vibrant Community with Natural Beauty

Even after many years in this area, Christine still wonders at its natural beauty with every season having it's own amazing adventure and charm.

"There are so many places in this region where you come around a corner and something will just take your breath away."

Christine also loves the camaraderie of the people who live here. It is a great community, and she especially likes how the larger community encourages its residents to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them.

That's exactly what Christine likes to do. She loves any outdoor activity, like hiking, skiing, swimming and kayaking, that takes her on an adventure with her family and friends. She also enjoys spending time with her extended family, who all live around the area. Christine is married and has three sons.

If you're looking to buy or sell a home in the Upper Valley or Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region, contact Christine Engert today!

New Hampshire Real Estate Market Data: Q2 2015

We've compiled some highlights from the Q2 2015 New Hampshire real estate market data, recently released by the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS®, to provide some insight into what's happening in the NH real estate market this year.

All of New Hampshire

For the second quarter this year, the whole state of New Hampshire saw another positive increase in residential closed sales compared to Q2 2014. Closed sales were up 9.5% this quarter compared to 2014. We also had an increase in median sale price, pending sales, and sales volume compared to last year. Additionally, the days on market decreased by 4.2% from Q2 2014 resulting in an average of 91 days on market for single family residential homes in the state.

Let’s take a look at the local real estate market in Sullivan County and Grafton County.

Sullivan County Single Family Residential Sales

Unlike the market for the entire state, Sullivan County saw a decrease in residential home closed sales from Q2 2014 to Q2 2015. Closed sales were down 6.7% to 125 closings in the county.

Median sales price and pending sales also decreased this quarter compared to last year, 0.5% and 3.1% respectively. However, the days on market also decreased 2.7% from Q2 2014 to an average of 145 days on market for single family homes in Sullivan County.

Looking at the first half of 2015 compared to the first half of 2014, Sullivan County is down 7.8% in residential closed sales resulting in 188 total homes sold so far this year. However, for the second quarter in a row, the sales volume has increased. The total sales volume this year-to-date totals nearly $40 million in Sullivan County. That’s up 6.4% compared to 2014.

Although fewer homes have sold so far this year in Sullivan County, they are being sold at higher prices.

Grafton County Single Family Residential Sales

Grafton County, on the other hand, experienced a large 24.4% increase in closed residential home sales in Q2 2015 compared to Q2 2014, resulting in 291 total single family residential closed sales for the quarter.

The county also saw a positive increase in the number of pending home sales, from 239 in Q2 2014 to 284 in Q2 2015. Median sales price was up 9.3% from last year to $205,000, and the days on market was increased by only one day to 129 average days on market for Grafton County single family residential homes.

Grafton County continues it’s trend upward in 2015. This year-to-date, Grafton County is up 17.1% from 2014 at this time with a total of 439 closed residential home sales so far this year. It is a good year to be selling your home in Grafton County.

NH County Condo Closings

Let’s not forget about condominium sales. Condo closed sales were up 11% for the entire state of New Hampshire in Q2 2015 compared to the same time last year. While Grafton County experienced some of this with a 7.7% increase to 112 condo closed sales this quarter, Sullivan County experienced a 50% decrease in condo closed sales resulting in only 6 closings in Q2 2015.

Although the condo closings in Sullivan County dropped significantly this quarter, so did the average days on market. The Q2 2015 days on market for condos decreased 33.2% from 322 days in Q2 2014 to 215 days this year. Fewer condos sold, but those that did sold much more quickly.

Inventory Needed to Meet the Demand

The recurring theme for this year seems to be high demand and low inventory. In a recent news release from the National Association of Realtors®, NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun referred to the effect of this trend on sales prices. "Steady rent increases, the slow rise in mortgage rates and stronger local job markets fueled demand throughout most of the country this spring," said Yun. "While this led to a boost in sales paces not seen since before the downturn, overall supply failed to keep up and pushed prices higher in a majority of metro areas."

In New Hampshire, we continue to see month after month of decreased inventory of both homes and condos for sale when compared to the previous year. In the second quarter alone, there were 6% fewer NH homes on the market than in 2014.

If you’re considering listing your home for sale in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region, contact CG Shepherd Realty, LLC to speak with one of our licensed REALTORS® about the regional real estate market.

(Data for this article was found in the following NHAR Real Estate Market Data Reports:Q2 2015 NHAR Market Data and June 2015 and Year-To-Date NHAR Market Data)

View previous NH real estate market data from NHAR.